Season 2, expansion, goals, and sugar syrup



We started off the season teaching beekeeping to several hundred 2nd graders, at the 4H Ag Days.  Word was that the beekeepers’ presentation rocked!  What a great way to disperse crucial information to folks who may never think about bees!  “Boys and girls, tell your parents NOT to spray their dandelions!  Bees NEED dandelions!”

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Our second full summer has wound down, and we are now feeding bees, beginning the fall season.  We have somewhere around 30 hives under our care, and it is a stretch to try to cover all those bases.  We would love to work bees together more often, since it makes the work go faster and we feel more confident being able to bounce things off one another.  But often, we end up working singly.

One of our big goals this year was to make nucs, and boy, we have certainly done that.  Making nucs is fun, easy, and rewarding.  Sometimes you lose out, but it is certainly easier to lose a 5-frame nuc than it is to lose a whole hive.   We are looking forward to over-wintering our nucs and have some specific plans for that.

A secondary goal for us was to not have to buy bees again next year, and hopefully not ever.  We feel confident that we can work on increasing from our own set-up next year, thus reducing a major cash outlay in the spring.  It would be even better if we can sell some bees.   It’s faster than selling honey! 🙂

Our honey harvest is all in.  Have plenty jarred up, and buckets awaiting the winter, as well.  Planning to get our wholesale license this month, so we can have our honey in a few restaurants around town.

The beekeeping club we started last year is thriving.  We worked the Indiana State Fair booth, as a club this year.  Here are some pics of our day there


Queen larvae working the tasting table.
Queen larvae working the tasting table.

We decided to take over the county 4H beekeeping project as well, and enjoyed working with the 9 kids who signed up.    Our local club is going to sell honey at the county fair next year, to raise money for the 4H club to purchase youth bee suits.


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There is some very exciting news for the 2 Queen Bees, in the near future, please stayed tuned for that.

In the meantime, we have been on Twitter for the past year, and will be continuing there.  My tech-savvy daughter also started us up on Instagram, so look for us there as well as FB, of course.

We look forward to bringing you high-quality, raw honey in the Central Indiana area.

Welcome to 2 Queen Bees Honey

We are a small apiary, located in Westfield, Indiana.   Our bees produce wonderful, all-natural honey, and we add nothing to their amazing system, using no chemicals in our 16 beehives.   Beekeeping started out as a curious hobby and has become something of a crazy obsession with us.  We are learning and striving to better not only our families’ health, but the environment and the earth as well!

Raw honey and essential beekeeping equipment