Welcome to 2 Queen Bees Honey

We are a small apiary, located in Westfield, Indiana.   Our bees produce wonderful, all-natural honey, and we add nothing to their amazing system, using no chemicals in our 16 beehives.   Beekeeping started out as a curious hobby and has become something of a crazy obsession with us.  We are learning and striving to better not only our families’ health, but the environment and the earth as well!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to 2 Queen Bees Honey”

  1. I know these 2 queen bees personally, so I am sure that the honey that I just purchased is going to be some quality honey!

    1. John,
      Sorry for the awful delay! We are still around, if you’d like some honey. We’re a bit faster on FB. 2015 honey is available!

    1. Hi Barb:

      We are actually sold out of 2015 honey. We are selling honey from a friend in Noblesville. He has hives in Noblesville and Westfield. We would be happy to make arrangements to meet up with you if you are interested in that. 3lb for $20 or 1lb for $8. Thank you!

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