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When we became beekeepers, oh those many years ago, we got really frustrated at honey-harvest time.    In the very beginning, we just carried in a whole super full of frames, and set it on the kitchen counter.  But, since we weren’t immediately ready to extract, it sat there for a bit.  Like a week.  Next thing I knew, there was honey running out on the counter, along with all the bits of grass from the bottom of the box, and the chips of paint off the box.  Ick!

So, we switched to coolers.  Some held the frames straight.  Some didn’t and only three would fit.  Sometimes the frames fell over and gouged each other, and the honey would leak out.  As soon as we would roll the cooler to the next hive, you could hear the “clunk” of the frames falling, and we would wince, and curse, as we knew our precious honey was leaking into an old cooler.


Cooler 2

Then we went to tote boxes.  Same story.  Falling, leaking, gouging.  Our precious, valuable honey was being wasted in these cheap, inadequate totes.  We kept saying, “Someone needs to invent a storage box just for beekeepers.”

Whoops! They never stay up.

Trying to prop them up with a feeder.
Trying to keep them propped up with a feeder.

Then we decided, we might as well go ahead and be the people who make that important box design ourselves.  We are the ones who keep experiencing the pain and suffering of lost honey!  We knew the box needed to have more than one use.  It could solve several problems for beekeepers, whether they have just one hive or many.

So, we’ve done just that.  We found a plastics engineer who has helped us design the ultimate storage box for beekeepers!  It is food-grade plastic, designed to hold those frames, newly-constructed or full of liquid gold.  It will allow you to move those heavy honey frames from the yard to the extractor without damage.

When honey harvest has ended, we have to store frames before returning them to the yard.  Wax is the most valuable thing in the warehouse.  It takes so much for the bees to create it.  We want to keep ours from damage, and the Hive Butler does just that!  Keeps the frames from leaning up against one another or falling down.  When you’re carrying the tote out to the yard, no damage.  When you are building new frames for next season, same SAFE place to store them.

Is this how you store your frames?
Is this how you store your frames?

But that wasn’t all it needed to do.  What about when you want to move frames of bees?  We never have enough wooden hive boxes.  All of ours are in use, everywhere.  So, when it comes to moving frames, we have to scrounge for an extra hive box.   And even then, the box HAS NO BOTTOM.  So then we have to find an extra bottom board, and some ratchet straps, and a cover of some sort!  Ack!

So we designed our box to have two lid options…the storage lid and a screen-top lid, so you can use the Hive Butler as a bee moving box!  No dropping the queen out the bottom on the way to the truck!  It is the short-term, in-a-pinch, bee travel solution also!

Your ultimate beek storage tote!
Your ultimate beek storage tote!

But plastics design and manufacture is not cheap!  We decided crowdfunding was the necessary next step.
Enter: Indiegogo, and YOU!


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